About Project

Century 21 approached Preacher to help reinvent what the Century 21 brand means to those who are buying, selling, and working in real estate. This also meant a brand redesign. Preacher helped C21 arrive at a design that was stylish, sleek, and sophisticated; one that would help catapult them into the next century.

To help announce this new look to the world, Preacher approached Union Editorial, who then reached out to me, to animate this sizzle video.

Over the course of 3 or 4 days, we were able to produce this sleek type-driven sizzle video. It was a true collaborative effort where I came up with some design ideas, Preacher refined those ideas and added some of their own since they had much more intimate knowledge of the brand, and then they let me run with it through animation.

Some frames I came up with are shown below, but they ended up on the cutting room floor.


  • Client – Century 21
  • Production – Union Editorial
  • Agency – Preacher

My Role

  • Animation
  • Motion Design