KUIU Manifesto Video

About Project

KUIU is obsessed with engineering the world’s most innovative performance hunting gear. Its gear has to meet the demands of the best hunters and the harshest elements. The team at McJ created the manifesto video above to highlight all of this. I was tasked with coming up with a way to highlight a few key words, so I went with big bold type, revealing that type using some animated texture, and compositing it into the footage when possible. Pal Moore handled the techy UI looking graphics and animations.

We also got to create a couple of launch videos for their new Burner Parka. In both creative executions, the team wanted to convey just how warm you’ll be when you wear it, even in the coldest conditions. The team at Rabbit Foot shot the jackets practically, doing some prop magic and rigging up a way to zip up the jacket without any hands being seen. I was then tasked with doing some cleanup, comping together some snow to fill the frame, and then working with a clip of some fire and comping that inside the jacket, along with some light flicker inside the hood.

In the video below, the team filmed a timelapse of snow melting to reveal the jacket. This execution required a lot of compositing and cleanup to get to the final version. When the team asked for a way to somehow make feel even warmer, I came up with the idea of adding some embers under the jacket and scorching the ground even more. Luckily, I was able to create a pretty convincing animated ember layer in After Effects using some built in effects that was very flexible and editable!


  • Client – KUIU
  • Creative Director – Tim Cole
  • Editor – Nick Harral
  • Agency – McGarrah-Jessee
  • Production – Rabbit Foot
  • Animation – Pal Moore

My Role

  • Animation
  • Compositing