About Project

When New York City shut down, New Yorkers needed a feeling of control. With Ride Up, McJ turned everyday bike rides into acts of resilience and optimism. The campaign greeted New Yorkers with a marquee placement in Times Square and others across the city to position Citi Bike as a symbol of positive progress for neighborhoods slowly coming back from the brink.

The beautiful illustrations were created by Xaviera Altena, and the characters were animated by Mathieu Maillefer. I animated type and additional background elements, and composited it all together to fit the various screen layouts of the NASDAQ Condé Nast Building and Thomson Reuters Tower.


  • Client – Citi Bike
  • Illustrator – Xaviera Altena
  • Agency – McGarrah-Jessee
  • Character Animation – Mathieu Maillefer

My Role

  • Animation
  • Compositing