About Project

Deep Eddy proclaims that vodka is for fun! And flavored vodkas should use real flavors from real fruits!

The team at McGarrah-Jessee wanted some minimal animation on the type throughout this campaign, but they wanted it to still feel fun. I got to experiment a lot and just play around with the type to see what they liked and what they didn’t.

I was also tasked with figuring out how to transition from the logo to the tagline. The video above was the first one in the series I worked on, so I was really drawn to the idea of the drop of liquid (vodka, lime juice, a tear?) falling and creating ripples in a larger body of liquid.


  • Client – Deep Eddy Vodka
  • Edit & Color – Brandon Brown
  • Agency – McGarrah-Jessee

My Role

  • Animation
  • Motion Design