Weekenders – Social
A1 Thick & Hearty – Pole Sign – Social
Food Is Art – Whataburger Museum of Art
Salted Caramel Shake

About Project

While at McJ, I worked on a lot of Whataburger projects. Some of those were strictly for their social channels. Above are a few personal favorites that I wanted to highlight.

Weekenders was part of a campaign where Whataburger was trying to hire more part-time employees, specifically ones that only worked on the weekends or a small amount of hours during the week. I was given two frames: the Flying W logo on orange, and the Flexibility Clock on white. They let me flex my motion design skills and I really like the transition from the logo to the clock.

The A1 Thick & Hearty pole sign animation allowed me to play around in C4D a bit, and that’s not something I got to do very often.

The Food Is Art loop for WMOA is just a fun type morph loop. The key frames were designed by Page Kastner, then I got to animate the morphs and added some additional noise and grain on top.

Next, Whatapedia. This was a campaign targeted at areas where Whataburger was expanding. We wanted to help educate the citizens of those areas about Whataburger and what makes it special. I believe there were around 12 different posts, but the above animation was the intro to announce the series.

Finally, the Salted Caramel Shake announcement video. This was a bit of a compositing challenge, but it turned out looking really smooth. The original camera move had quite a bit of shake and wobble, so I did my best to stabilize it and smooth it out before speeding it up to what is in the final version, along with the animated lockup.


  • Client – Whataburger
  • Creative Directors – Michael Anderson, Craig Crutchfield
  • Agency – McGarrah-Jessee
  • Art Director – Page Kastner

My Role

  • Animation
  • Motion Design
  • Compositing