Chacos – Fun With Instagram
Chacos – In The Wild
Chacos – In The Wild

About Project

Chaco Footwear wanted to remind everyone that Life Is Fantastic On Foot! So, McGarrah-Jessee and Rabbit Foot created multiple videos to show how fun life can be when you go outdoors and wear Chacos!

The first group of videos featured here were called Fun With Instagram. The team wanted it to look like the outdoor-loving people in the videos were interacting with the Instagram interface. First, we have the friends hanging out in the hammock and their feet hanging out over the description and comments. Next, it looks like the video is not loading, and the user might even try to tap the refresh icon, but suddenly a log roller jumps onto the icon and begins running on top of it in the water! And finally, some cliff jumpers jump from one video to the next. Now, this was before everyone started using dark mode on their phones, so it might not work as great now, but it was pretty cool at the time! Scroll down to view the videos individually and with sound.

The next group of videos were part of the “In The Wild” series. These videos were more straightforward in the sense they were just posts or reels on Chaco social channels, but we came up with some pretty fun way to wipe off and reveal pieces of type. Pal Moore helped out with the roto on a couple of these videos.

Shout out to Rotobrush in After Effects and my right index finger as I ended up doing a lot of rotoscoping on this project.


  • Client – Chaco Footwear
  • Creative Director – Tim Cole
  • Agency – McGarrah-Jessee
  • Production – Rabbit Foot

My Role

  • Animation
  • Compositing
  • Visual Effects