About Project

Whataburger has some new coffee! Their hot coffee is a new premium blend, and they are now serving iced coffee, so you can get coffee any time you want.

This project required me to blend multiple in-camera shots to try to create a seamless journey of a drop of coffee as it travels its way into a hot cup of coffee. And the iced coffee spot was originally concepted to be a stationary cup casting a shadow across the ground like a sundial, showing you can get iced coffee 24 hours a day. However, the team and client both agreed it was just too slow and not coming across as it was originally envisioned. So, through lots of compositing and additional animation, we basically created an entirely new spot in post. Yes, we did indeed fix it in post.


  • Client – Whataburger
  • Creative Director – Cam Miller
  • Creative Director – Michael Anderson
  • Art Director – Aubrey Day
  • Agency – McGarrah-Jessee
  • Copywriter – Jane Goodwin-Bell
  • Editor – Nick Harrall
  • Production – The Bear
  • Animation – Pal Moore

My Role

  • Animation
  • Compositing